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About Valley Web Design Company

Vikki Peroza, Owner of Valley Web Design Company
Vikki Peroza, Owner
Valley Web Design Company

Valley Web Design Company is owned and operated by Vikki Peroza. Vikki studied Website Design and Management at Champlain College and graduated at the top of her class in 2004. Since then, she has enjoyed a varied and fulfilling career, helping many companies create and improve their websites, and building custom database driven web applications. Vikki also maintains strategic partnerships with other professionals (marketing experts, network administrators, and other web developers) which allows her to tackle large projects.

One such partnership is with Wellness Partners LLC. Vikki serves as the Internet Coordinator, managing web development projects from inception to completion and communicating directly with key client contacts. She personally transformed Wellness Partners' primary internet property,, into what it is today — a large informational health website with a successful (and completely customized) online store.

With every project, Vikki adheres to her personal philosophy: "There are no problems; only challenges that we can solve with creative thinking." This positive attitude has helped her foster long-term business relationships with her clients.

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