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Sub-Contract Work

We also offer sub-contract services to marketing companies, larger web development firms, and other businesses. If you need temporary or on-going support, but don't want to hire a full time employee, please give us a call! We want to talk to you! Below is a small sample of the type of work we've done under contract.

News/Online Media Website

Implemented a responsive website design for a well-known news and media outlet. The site features mega menus that are updated automatically via RSS feeds from the various news channels. The website is built on the HubSpot platform.

Hubspot Blogs with Varying Multi-Column Layout

Built a custom Hubspot Blog using the COS and custom HubL logic. The blog's listing page changes from a single column to three columns wide based on the number of posts available. The listing page also features equal height rows that display the featured image at the bottom of each content box. The images do not need to be a consistent size. CSS was used to clip the images to the appropriate dimensions. The images are displayed in their full size on the individual post page. We also added a nice scroll affect to the author link on the post page. When clicked, it automatically scrolls the page to the bottom of the page, where a custom "About the Author" box is shown. Next and Previous articles are automatically populated on a per topic basis. This blog also features a side menu that pushes in from the left or conveniently hides from view when the menu icon is clicked.

Online Store Installation and Customization

Web Developer/PHP Programming: Installed an online shopping cart (Zen Cart) for a manufacturer of organic hair products. Customized the store’s look and feel to match the client’s design requirements. The client’s customers fall into 3 categories: distributors, salon owners, consumers. Created a customized registration process which requires manual approval by the staff before salons and distributors can shop in the store.

Custom Hubspot Email Template

We created a custom template for a well know technology company within HubSpot. The client wanted to limit the amount of HTML/CSS that they would have to manually enter when creating new email campaigns from the template. We pulled as much of the code into the back end of the template as possible, so they could just copy and paste plain text into the content editor without worrying about breaking styles. We also managed to make the email look pleasing across all of their targeted email clients, which is no small feat since email clients (like Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and so on) have their own set of acceptable standards - many of which conflict with one another. Phew!

Connecting to a remote MySQL database

Connected the website to a remote MySQL database which contains survey data. Built admin tools that allows staff to determine which portions of the survey data is used on the website. Staff may also edit individual responses to surveys, such as selecting specific portions of client quotes and reviews to be used as highlighted content on various web pages. The survey data is automatically displayed on several different webpages of the website.

DVD to Online Video Conversion

Converted Worker Training DVDs into Flash video files. Embedded the Flash files into a webpage with an overlay effect. Video thumbnails appear on the page with a short description of each video below. When a thumbnail is clicked, a video player opens in an overlay. Video auto-plays, video controls appear under the video.

Recreational Facility Website

Built the website of a recreational facility that caters to non-professional league sports of all ages. The website features a homepage with a custom background image slider, and semi-transparent background effects. The site is built on the Hubspot platform.

Landing Page with Parallax Effects

Created a slick landing page with top and bottom parallax sections. The top parallax section has the company logo and header text. When a visitor scrolls beyond the logo, a secondary header fades into view and locks in place. The bottom parallax section has a quote slider in it. Parallax scrolling is a technique in web design, where background images stay in place or move at a slower speed than the content (text and images) in the foreground, creating an illusion of depth and adding visual interest to the page.

Business Blog Installation

Installed a Wordpress blog and customized the template for a bookkeeper's business. Set up the initial content, which includes several permanent pages. Trained the business owner how to use the blog.

Marketing Website deployed on the Hubspot Platform.

Implemented a complex website design for a marketing company on the Hubspot Platform. The design is fully responsive, and adjusts layout and page content based on the screen size of the device that is being used to access the site. The site features image sliders, various site pages, landing pages, system pages, and an email template.

Social Media Wall

Built the social media wall of a high-profile technology company. The project required matching the corporate branding and implementing LiveFyre Media Wall code. Custom CSS was applied to override the default styles of this social media platform.

Hubspot Website Design and Development

Taking design comps created in Adobe Photoshop and translating them into working Hubspot templates (for site pages, landing pages, thank you pages, email templates, etc) for the COS. Using advanced CSS techniques to accomplish sophisticated designs. Hubspot utilizes Bootstrap 2 as the basis of its template system.

File Sharing Web Application

Created a secure website to store and share files for various client projects. Short turn-around time required that the project be completed and ready for production use within a week’s time. Wrote short specification which included the basic logic needed to achieve the short and long term goals.

Software Company Website

Implemented the complex design of a major software company's website. The design features Wistia videos, sticky page content (where portions of the page scroll and then snap into place when they reach the top of the page), bio content that appears on hover, complex mobile menus that slide in from the left and right, and so on. The website is built on the Hubspot platform.

Proprietary web application

Project Manager/Web Programming: Built a proprietary web application covered by a non-disclosure agreement. Much of the custom programming and development cannot be discussed, but the application included building a web crawler, generating XML documents compatible with a 3rd party application and integrating the 3rd party application into the web application using SOAP via the 3rd party application web services which are available via the API.