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Anjoli Salon and Spa

We have a great long term business relationship with Anjoli Salon & Spa. Over the years, we’ve designed, built and refined their website to meet their changing needs and to keep in step with emerging web technologies.

web design details

We met with the owners of Anjoli Salon & Spa. Angie and Johnna had an idea of what they wanted their website to look like, at least what kind of feeling they wanted visitors to get, and what colors appealed to them. We sat together and created an elegant one-of-a-kind website design that they love.

Included in the design are javascript run photo galleries for their Makeover and Facilities sections. These photo galleries are iPad compatible. We also added links that allow their site visitors to “Like&rdqou; their FaceBook page.

custom web programming details

We built a custom content management system (CMS) that allows the staff of Anjoli Salon & Spa to quickly and easily update their website content. They can upload photos and resize them at the same time. We also created a “news” section that can be turned on and off as needed.

web management details

While the Anjoli Salon & Spa staff can update their website themselves, they are often too busy. Or they need a little assistance remembering how to use the tools we built for them. We’re just a phone call away!

The website features rental properties located on the US Virgin Islands. The header is actually the view from the property… beautiful! We implemented the reservation calendars for both properties, which allows site visitors to see when the properties are actually available. And you can book your reservation online… either on the website, or via VRBO, which is a vacation property rental website. The site also features a web cam which points away from the living quarters and instead features the beautiful view of the ocean.

Custom Email Templates

We have created several custom email templates for various companies within HubSpot. HubSpot’s content editor is a wonderful tool. It gives the user the ability to add their own styles into the body of an email with word processor like features. When you have this kind of flexibility, it can have an impact on brand identity. Many companies require that their email templates give the content editors a limit the amount of HTML/CSS and ensure that company emails are consistent and well-branded.

By limiting the amount of HTML required, you also make things simpler and faster for content editors to create beautiful email campaigns. In order to achieve this, we pull as much of the code into the back end of the template as possible, so you can copy and paste plain text into the content editor without worrying about breaking styles.

We also test our email templates to make sure they’re pleasing to the eye across all of the targeted email clients. This is a challenge, because email clients (like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and so on) have their own set of acceptable standards – many of which conflict with one another. By looking at your email statistics, we can focus on making your emails look better for your intended audiences and across the different devices they use to open your emails.

ICTI CARE Foundation

This website was created for an international toy association. We participated in online meetings with key members of the board located in Germany, England and China.

web content details

Sometimes it’s not writing content that is needed, but how best to organize large amounts of content that counts. We developed the information architecture for this website. Besides the large quantity of information, there is the need to publish content in multiple languages.

web design details

We created several mock designs and discussed each version with decision makers using Skype to communicate. A website design concept was chosen, then we made further modifications by taking the best ideas from the other design comps and incorporating into a final web site layout.

custom web programming details

We built this site using an established proprietary content management system (CMS) which was written in PHP with MySQL and MSSQL databases. Then, we added new capabilities to it:

From the admin console website admins can change page layouts from 2 to 3 columns with a click.

We also built a custom newsletter web application which allows non-technical staff to enter articles and generate PDF, HTML, and text versions of the newsletters all at the same time. The newsletters are auto launched as HTML pages on the website.

online marketing details

We created an HTML template for the ICTI Care News Flash email newsletter. We also managed the campaign using Vertical Response.

Infinite Fire

Infinite Fire is a non-profit organization whose mission is to shine a light on the positive side of human nature. They had a well-thought-out project plan. We brought their vision to life.

web content details

We’re impressed with the quality of content that Infinite Fire continues to generate, and the reason of their doing so. Visit their site for yourself. If you’re looking for guidance in this area, you may find this article on how to write your own website content helpful.

web design details

Infinite Fire came to us with a design in PDF form. We took their initial document and expanded on it, as needed, to create a fully functioning website. We interpreted the design intention in order to create additional page layouts for various types of content.

The website features a homepage with randomized images of the inspirational people that are featured within. When these images are clicked, basic biographical information appears. When this window is clicked, the user is taken to the full biography page.

The biography pages feature a concise summary of why the individual appears on the site, a professional video presentation, and an infographic.

All of the pages are responsive. This means that the content and layout will adjust according to the device that is used to access the website. With so many people accessing the internet on mobile devices, it’s important to make sure that your website will still be usable and useful for these audiences.

custom web programming details

The Infinite Fire website has a custom programmed back-end administration console which allows for easy site administration.

We also installed and styled a blog to match the look of the main website, and integrated the custom tools with the blog.

Read more about the Infinite Fire custom admin console and see screenshots of this easy to use interface.

web management details

The custom admin console is very user friendly, and the Infinite Fire staff have been able to maintain the website with very little assistance from us. We continue to support them on an as needed basis.

Internet Cremation Society

When eSpark Creative asked us to collaborate on the new Internet Cremation Society website, we were happy to help.

custom web programming details

The new website ( is powered by our content management system (CMS) and features a custom programmed service locator drop down box on the homepage. Website visitors can choose a city and state. They are then taken to the service provider’s website, which opens in a new browser window.

We also programmed this website with a randomized banner ad at the bottom of every page. eSpark Creative used our CMS to customize the look and feel of the website. The CMS also allowed them to easily upload and resize the images and banner ads in a single step.

Locatelli-Smith Interiors

Locatelli-Smith Interiors hired us to create their website. They were surprised at how affordable our services are and were delighted with the results.

Web design details

We recently redesigned the Locatell-Smith Interiors website. The objective was to take full advantage of the advancements in mobile technology. The new website design is responsive, meaning that the layout changes based on the device you are using to look at it.

Custom web programming details

The location specific pages are all part of a custom web program. Adding new or removing locations is quick and easy, reducing the amount of time needed to maintain the website. This is a PHP based web application.

Online marketing details

We built search-engine-friendly location specific web pages to target their niche audience. They’ve seen a dramatic improvement in organic search results (which means they don’t have to spend as much on their AdWords campaign).

Gary Locatelli has reported to us that with the help of these pages and the matching image and text ads that we created for his location specific pay-per-click ad campaign, “the Google campaign is out of control (that’s a good thing).” We agree! Congratulations, Gary. We’re happy to help!

News Media Outlet Website

Aside from working on projects for companies that hire us directly, we also complete projects for larger marketing firms. While we can’t give out specifics such as our client’s company name or their clients’ names, we can provide high level details about the work we’ve completed.

One very interesting project was for a well-known news and media outlet located in New England. The website is built on the HubSpot platform. The web site features local sports, news and entertainment. Websites of this kind contain very large amounts of content. One of the challenges that a site like this faces is helping site visitors to find the content they are looking for. Our solution involved building out mega menus that are updated automatically using RSS feeds to pull the latest content from various news channels. This makes maintaining the website so much faster for the content editors.

We also recommended creating interest specific landing pages based on user personas that allow site visitors to go to the same web page to get all of the latest related content. This also created the opportunity to market products and services specific to various topics of interest and locations.

When you work with Valley Web Design Company, we partner with you to help you think thru strategies to overcome challenges and take advantage of previously missed opportunities. Let our experience work for you!

SeekWellness is a large scale health information website with a fully customized e-commerce store owned and operated by Wellness Partner LLC. One of our favorite clients, Wellness Partners placed implicit trust in Vikki, as she coded the entire website from beginning to end.

web design details

Wellness Partners, LLC provided us with a picture of the design they wanted and then asked us to help solve the issue of organizing large amounts of related content without crowing the article pages with dozens of links. We came up with several solutions and then implemented the winning design.

custom web programming details

Over the years, we have built several web applications that are live on Here are the highlights:

A custom CMS that allows the staff to update content and change page layouts and ad placements on a per category and per basis basis.

The AJAX driven incontinence products buying guide, which helps customers to find exactly the product they need and offers a convenient way to “buy it now”.

Dynamic PDF store catalogs that pulls live information from the store database and places it into a downloadable PDF along with an order form.

“Ask a Nurse” web application which allows site visitors to anonymously ask health questions to a registered nurse and receive an email reply. The database of questions is searchable.

A completely customized the e-commerce store with a customer loyalty program called “Wellness Dollars”, “You might also like” product recommendations, and more!

online marketing details

We created several landing pages for products within the SeekWellness store. You can view all of the landing pages by visiting the featured products page. Each product link is a separate landing page targeted to a particular audience using specific keyword phrases. Every landing page has an obvious call to action (usually a big “buy now” button and enough product information to help a visitor decide if they want to buy the product.

SeekWellness SEO Sub-Navigation

SeekWellness continually monitors their rank in search engines and their online ad campaign statistics and revenue. When examining a recent drop in their Google page rank, they determined that the problem stemmed from their site’s navigation being mistakenly interpreted as duplicate content.

custom web programming details

Valley Web Design Company replaced their tabbed navigation menu with a sleek AJAX driven menu. It provides their site visitors with the same helpful links and product information as before. The only difference is WHEN that data is added to the page. The data is loaded after someone clicks on one of the links. Why is this important?

online marketing details

When search engines crawl your website, they are looking for unique content on each of your webpages. The information should be related to an overall theme, yes, but search engine companies like Google, Yahoo! and Bing don’t want to see the same content over and over again with slight keyword tweaks.

Now, picture yourself as a programmer trying to determine which websites are producing quality content, and which are just serving the same page over and over with a few keyword changes. Search engines examine the content of your HTML pages and look for redundant information. So, if you have page elements that repeat across large areas of your website (like related topics and helpful products per a specific category), search engines might mistake that for duplicate content, even though the information in the article is entirely original. So, what do you do?

You hire someone who knows what they’re doing (ahem… Valley Web Design Company) and have them program your website so that these types of page elements are not loaded until a website visitor actually needs them. So, when search engines crawl your website, they won’t see these repetitive page elements at all. Genius? You bet!

Virtual Iron

Virtual Iron Software, was located in Lowell, Massachusetts, and sold proprietary software for virtualization and management of a virtual infrastructure. Before Virtual Iron was sold to Oracle Corporation, Vikki, the owner of Valley Web Design Company, managed the Virtual Iron company website. She routinely generated customized landing pages and integrated them with SalesForce. She also enhanced the website with advanced features such as  implementing localized content, which served different information to the user based on their geographic location.

You can read more about Virtual Iron here.

The website pulls data from several sources, including the Plumeria weather station and web camera (situation on a vacation property in the Virgin Islands), the website, and Weather Underground.

The information is loaded into a single scrolling page which allows visitors to find the information they’re looking for very quickly. To prevent the page from loading too slowly, the data is added to the page using AJAX, which means that the data loads after the initial design of the page loads. We also cache the data to prevent the data sources from being bogged down by too many requests per hour.