Anjoli’s New Product Slideshow

The new javascript slideshow on the Anjoli Salon & Spa product page is a good example of how we look out for you. We recommended that they change out their Flash to accommodate the visitors that are viewing their site from an iPad. Another added benefit is that they don’t need to call us when they want to update it. Here’s how it works:

First: size your images to 300 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. IF THEY ARE LARGER, make sure they are in proportion (such as 600 x 400).


1) Log in and click the Upgrades tab.
2) Under the “Product Images” heading, click on “See all Product Images”

On this page you have an upload form at the top, so you can add new images and a preview of all the images in your current product slideshow beneath the form.


Click the “Browse” button to locate the image you want to upload to the slideshow and select it. Then, click the “upload picture” button. Your image will be uploaded and you will return to this page. If you scroll down, you should see your new image among all the products.


Just scroll down to find the image you no longer want. Click the “Remove Photo” button next to it. It will be deleted and will disappear from the product slideshow.

How easy is that? We work hard to think through all of our programming projects to make them work, but also very easy to use. Our goal is to shrink the learning curve as much as possible. You’ve already got enough things to do running your business. You should not need to go to school to learn how to manage your website!

anjoli salon product slideshow