It’s time to update to Google ReCaptcha V2

If your website has been using Google’s Recaptcha library, then you may need to update your website. Recaptcha V1 is no longer being supported and your site visitors may see an error message when they use a web form that has the outdated code library. Here’s how to tell the difference between version 1 and version 2.

Version 1

If your Recaptcha looks like this, you need the update.

update google recaptcha

Version 2

If your Recaptcha looks like this, you’re all set… at least for the time being.

By updating to version 2, you’ll also improve usability. The new library is easy to use. In some cases, your visitor will be presented with a simple checkbox. If Google suspects anything, then a more challenging, but still simple test, will be presented. V2 is also accessible to vision impaired visitors.

What do to

If you are familiar with HTML and server side scripting, then you can do the update yourself. You can find all of the resources you need here. If you need some help, contact us. We’d be happy to update your website for you.