Recruiting Firm HubSpot Website

A recruiting firm with a specialized niche needed a design refresh for their HubSpot website. Built a set of custom COS templates of the given design.

This website features a robust resource center which features books for sale on third party websites, videos, presentations, external blog posts and hand-picked internal blog posts. The resources are stored in HubDB tables, which are easy to maintain. Each resource type has its own table fields that are specific to the type of resource. The results are combined and sorted by date and displayed in a wall. Each resource type has a different look, making it easy to recognize what a resource is just by looking at it. Users can filter the resource center by selecting a specific resource type at the top of the page. Videos in a series are re-sorted in order by season and episode when selected.

The blog listing page has a featured blog post that spans the top of the screen and 12 blog posts below that are displayed as evenly sized and spaced blocks. The blog post page has a related posts section based on the post’s topics. The sidebar of the blog post template features a site wide call-to-action and promotes the company’s email newsletter.