Custom Email Templates

We have created several custom email templates for various companies within HubSpot. HubSpot’s content editor is a wonderful tool. It gives the user the ability to add their own styles into the body of an email with word processor like features. When you have this kind of flexibility, it can have an impact on brand identity. Many companies require that their email templates give the content editors a limit the amount of HTML/CSS and ensure that company emails are consistent and well-branded.

By limiting the amount of HTML required, you also make things simpler and faster for content editors to create beautiful email campaigns. In order to achieve this, we pull as much of the code into the back end of the template as possible, so you can copy and paste plain text into the content editor without worrying about breaking styles.

We also test our email templates to make sure they’re pleasing to the eye across all of the targeted email clients. This is a challenge, because email clients (like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and so on) have their own set of acceptable standards – many of which conflict with one another. By looking at your email statistics, we can focus on making your emails look better for your intended audiences and across the different devices they use to open your emails.