Infinite Fire

Infinite Fire is a non-profit organization whose mission is to shine a light on the positive side of human nature. They had a well-thought-out project plan. We brought their vision to life.

web content details

We’re impressed with the quality of content that Infinite Fire continues to generate, and the reason of their doing so. Visit their site for yourself. If you’re looking for guidance in this area, you may find this article on how to write your own website content helpful.

web design details

Infinite Fire came to us with a design in PDF form. We took their initial document and expanded on it, as needed, to create a fully functioning website. We interpreted the design intention in order to create additional page layouts for various types of content.

The website features a homepage with randomized images of the inspirational people that are featured within. When these images are clicked, basic biographical information appears. When this window is clicked, the user is taken to the full biography page.

The biography pages feature a concise summary of why the individual appears on the site, a professional video presentation, and an infographic.

All of the pages are responsive. This means that the content and layout will adjust according to the device that is used to access the website. With so many people accessing the internet on mobile devices, it’s important to make sure that your website will still be usable and useful for these audiences.

custom web programming details

The Infinite Fire website has a custom programmed back-end administration console which allows for easy site administration.

We also installed and styled a blog to match the look of the main website, and integrated the custom tools with the blog.

Read more about the Infinite Fire custom admin console and see screenshots of this easy to use interface.

web management details

The custom admin console is very user friendly, and the Infinite Fire staff have been able to maintain the website with very little assistance from us. We continue to support them on an as needed basis.

Infinite Fire has been our client since 2014

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“Wow! The website is up and running - what a great way to start the day. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this project. It has been such a genuine pleasure working with you. You are smart, talented, insightful, and always positive. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. You not only built the site that we requested, you also offered valuable and insightful suggestions all along the way. If you ever need any references or recommendations, please don't hesitate to ask. I would recommend you in a heartbeat.” — Bob Jones, Infinite Fire