Locatelli-Smith Interiors

Locatelli-Smith Interiors hired us to create their website. They were surprised at how affordable our services are and were delighted with the results.

Web design details

We recently redesigned the Locatell-Smith Interiors website. The objective was to take full advantage of the advancements in mobile technology. The new website design is responsive, meaning that the layout changes based on the device you are using to look at it.

Custom web programming details

The location specific pages are all part of a custom web program. Adding new or removing locations is quick and easy, reducing the amount of time needed to maintain the website. This is a PHP based web application.

Online marketing details

We built search-engine-friendly location specific web pages to target their niche audience. They’ve seen a dramatic improvement in organic search results (which means they don’t have to spend as much on their AdWords campaign).

Gary Locatelli has reported to us that with the help of these pages and the matching image and text ads that we created for his location specific pay-per-click ad campaign, “the Google campaign is out of control (that’s a good thing).” We agree! Congratulations, Gary. We’re happy to help!

Locatelli-Smith Interiors has been our client since 2003

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“I just came back from a client. He's the Northeast regional marketing manager for Chevrolet. He loved the new website, thought it was very user friendly, well laid out, was overall very impressed with it. Thought you'd like to hear some feedback on your design from someone in marketing. ” — Gary Locatelli, Locatelli-Smith Interiors