News Media Outlet Website

Aside from working on projects for companies that hire us directly, we also complete projects for larger marketing firms. While we can’t give out specifics such as our client’s company name or their clients’ names, we can provide high level details about the work we’ve completed.

One very interesting project was for a well-known news and media outlet located in New England. The website is built on the HubSpot platform. The web site features local sports, news and entertainment. Websites of this kind contain very large amounts of content. One of the challenges that a site like this faces is helping site visitors to find the content they are looking for. Our solution involved building out mega menus that are updated automatically using RSS feeds to pull the latest content from various news channels. This makes maintaining the website so much faster for the content editors.

We also recommended creating interest specific landing pages based on user personas that allow site visitors to go to the same web page to get all of the latest related content. This also created the opportunity to market products and services specific to various topics of interest and locations.

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