Cloud Computing Consulting Firm

Worked with the internal design team of a premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to AWS, Google, Microsoft and other leading cloud platforms.

The staff of this client has the technical expertise to manage content and enter HTML. To ensure consistency across the site, short codes were developed as part of the custom WordPress theme to create the article blocks used throughout the site. These blocks of content are responsive and change format based on the size of the screen the site visitor is using.

The main post template was coded to allow an incredible amount of flexibility in the layout which is controlled with a series of optional custom fields.

This theme features, related content, tags to sort and group content in addition to categories, optional promotional areas that can be turned on and off, sub-navigation menus that can be added to a group of pages using a drop down menu, author biographies to build thought leadership for contributors, and more.

Cloud Computing Consulting Firm has been our client since Feb 2016