How to report problems to your web developer

Good communication leads to positive action

So, you have a problem with your web site and you need to let the developer know about it. It seems simple enough… Just send them an email, right? More times than not, technical information is missing from the communication. Also, your web developer may have several projects that they’re working on at any given time. Taking a few minutes to really look at your message before hitting send can get your problem solved faster.

Here’s a short list of what to include:

  • The web page address where you spotted the problem.
  • A description of the problem, as you understand it.
  • Include a screenshot, whenever possible.
  • Include information about the device and browser or application you were using when you noticed the problem. For example:
    • Safari on an iPhone X
    • Microsoft Edge on a laptop
    • Chrome on iMac
    • Outlook on a PC).
  • If your web developer has a platform to report bugs, such as Basecamp or TeamWork, use it! Emails tend to get lost in the shuffle.

Providing this level of detail will help your developer to solve your issue in a timely manner. We hope this little tip helps.