Blog post design considerations

web designer workstation

When making decisions about your blog post page design, it’s not all about the bells and whistles. It’s about creating the best experience for your target audiences in various stages of the buyer’s journey.

Who visits your site, and why? What are they trying to accomplish: to gather information, do research, make a purchase, to attend an online class?

What are your business goals: to provide information, to generate leads, to acquire memberships, to increase sales, to establish thought leadership?

Keep those things in mind. Your website content, organization, and design should support the goals of your site visitors and your business objectives.

After you’ve answered those questions, it will be easier to decide what content to display in your blog posts, how to lay that content out on the page, and how to organize your content into categories, and perhaps add other ways of grouping content.

Take a look at some blog post design inspirations. Read more about organizing your blog content.